Working Class Atheists

Recently, a good friend from my childhood started up a fan page on facebook called Working Class Atheists. He’s always been very vocal on his scientific-based beliefs that a society under God is not the right path for him, and after years of posting on his own internet profiles, he decided to gather up his like-minded friends and be able to post freely and share links and information, as well as plenty of scientific articles and a smattering of amusing memes. He made the page and shared it a few times. It now has 27,151 followers. WHAT?  *since putting this article together in the last hour, it is now up to 27,163. All images taken from their photo album.

So I interviewed him.

How long ago did you start the Working Class Atheists page?

Started it at the end of August last year.

Were you surprised at how rapidly you gained so many followers?

Yes, I never expected to get more than 500 likes. I am honestly overwhelmed at how the page has exploded. I’ve added some really talented people to help admin. Takes some of the burden off of me but I still devote 4 to 5 hours a day, everyday to that page. The question of merchandising has been tossed around, t-shirts and stickers and stuff but I would want the majority of any profits made to go to a secular charity such as AHH (Atheists Helping the Homeless) or doctors without borders. I don’t want to turn this into a money making business venture. I’m really just about spreading the message that religion is a lie, that people don’t have to believe. That religion hurts, discriminates,
and steals peoples lives and hard earned money.

What was the quote you persoanlly made up and posted way back when that another Atheist page reposted?

There have been many that have been tossed around. I’m very open and unafraid to voice my opinions on religion and I think people like that. The biggest thrill for me is when someone takes the time to message me to tell me that I give them strength. That I inspire them to face the religious B.S. they face every day and call people out on it.

Do you have a plan for what you want to do with the page you started-
as in, some kind of rally or organized protest or something? Seeing as
you have so many people at your disposal and all…

I would love to organize an atheist/antitheist meet-up but the numbers
are so few in this area. I have also began to think about writing a
book possibly.

I think that the world is waking up from the nightmares of religion. I
used to feel that whole “to each his own” attitude but where has that
really gotten any of us? I feel that “in god we trust” on our money makes our nation look weak in the eyes of more enlightened nations. Believe me, I have friends
from all over the world and we as a nation are being laughed at with
our dependence on religion. I also feel that “under god” in the pledge
of Allegiance is a violation of the separation of church and state and
should be removed from public schools. My 5 year old son, by his own
accordance, refuses to say the under god part. I love him!!

In short, I’m a working class guy and always have been. I felt that
there was no representation of our class on other facebook pages
devoted to atheism. That was the reason for starting my page and the
reason, I feel, for its success.

I wanted a forum where people, regardless of their level of education,
would feel welcome and free to post and comment as they wished.

You have recently started up another page called The Anti-Theist Atheist. Why?

Well, it is not enough to simply deny the existence of deities. We must wage a war of information and education to end religion before religion ends humanity.

Interesting stuff. If this intrigues you, like these pages and jump in!

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5 Responses to Working Class Atheists

  1. Thank you for all that you do for humanity. And us hard working under appreciated builders and fixers of this country now have a voice in this struggle . This page shows that no matter our status in society, we are no less intelligent or passionate about what is right for our country . We build the Damn thing and without us there would be no America. For us to ignore these issues would be to abandon our children’s future (although I have no kids of my own I try to be a role model to my friends kids ) . We have a voice thanks to you and we will be heard . Again thank you and keep up the good fight .
    Your loyal follower and partner Brian .

  2. Peg says:

    I am an atheist. I am sincerely NOT an “anti-theist.”

    Yes, I agree that the “In God We Trust” and “under god” bits should be removed from our monies, court rooms, government buildings, and the pledge. I’m just not militant about it. I’d rather go through a logical process to get these things in court.

    I find “anti-theism” to be wrong. I believe what *I* believe, maybe I should say what I DON’T believe. I am entitled to what I believe. On the other hand, if others want believe in a god or many gods, so be it. I just don’t want them encroaching on MY beliefs, nor shall I encroach on their beliefs.

  3. Jon says:

    Well, they are encroaching on your “lack” of belief. If you live in America, and your an atheist, you need to see the truth. Church and government are one in the same. Our founding fathers would be turning over in their graves and yelling “KISS MY ASS!!” if that was possible.

  4. Iris Flythe says:

    thanks for your hard work and thanks for the interview! Good job all around! Your friend at Optimistic Agnostic!

  5. Shimaine says:

    My man died 5 years ago …I have not had 1 sign from him on the “other side” all this time……My gran and I talked about this, as she was unsure about God and Religion and “another side” too….So we made a pact, whoever goes 1st (cuz I could have had an accident b4 she went, who knows) ….well if there is a heaven or another side….we agreed to do everything possible to let the other know that there is in fact “something” out there, after you die…..My gran passed away in January 2012…..NOT 1 Sign…..NOTHING!……I believe: when your dead….Your dead!….But I love to joke with people who are religious now and again by saying stuff like….Well if there is a God, I’ll tell you what, if I make it to heaven Im gonna kick that bitches ass, cuz she does not like me…Im sure of it!….haha….Pretty sexist to assume God is a HE….arent they?….I hold believing in God, up there with, believing in Tinkerbell…yeah right!……Didnt realize how many Atheists there actually are around….Faith and Hope is NOT a Plan…. Praying is a Lazy Persons way of actually having to get off their butts and actually DO something!….to my friend Brandon: If you stopped waiting or looking for “God to Light the way” for you to save your marriage….and you actually got off your own butt and made the effort….you’d be Home already!…….Lame Excuses …ALL OF IT!

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