Drawings by Eirk Breininger

Words by James Watts

Lehigh Valley native artist Eirik Breininger dares to be different.  He is the adult kid who is the bane of the authoritarian and stodgy teachers who stifled him.  He is the subversive element.  In his work, through his creativity, Eirik explores the alien inside all of us, the mutant, the disfigured, the products of an irrational society, mirroring its mutilation.

With the raw and crude materials, Eirik turns his back on the conventional elevation of art into a realm for the detached elite—instead, tracing, here and there, a cubist border between a nose and an eye with a marker or a ballpoint pen.  Eirik asks of us what it means to be human, from the perspective that we are all unique distortions of an impossible ideal: There is no beauty among us. (It is negated by our actions as a whole.)

In his parade of unsettling smiles, with their effect of the withering lips of Egyptian mummies, Eirik confronts us with the desiccated public face that we all wear, mocking the optimistic illusion that it—or anything—is sufficient to hide our scars of decay.  In short, Eirik’s muse is the tragedy of the individual in society, and his subject is humanity.

Prints available for sale upon request. Email Winkpinup@gmail.com for info!

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