Words from our lovely model, Danielle~

“One of the most interesting things about modeling to me is that some of the most awkward poses that get you all twisted up, come out in print looking casually sophisticated or sultry. It’s hard for me to step outside my comfort zone and so I have to have a lot of trust in the one who’s directing and shooting. Alison was easy to work with. She’s quick and knows what she wants while also willing to try anything. So much work goes into planning and setting up a photo shoot that it’s surprising how quickly the actual shooting comes and goes.

“This was the first time I did an implied nude shot. I was nervous but also very excited. It’s always been something I wanted to do while I’m young and spry. When I’m older I can look back & say that was me. But again it’s an uncomfortable thing so I was really happy to work with Alison since she made me feel very comfortable.”

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Photos by Alison Leigh

Hair, wardrobe and makeup by Danielle

Location: Blind Willow Book Shop

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