September Editor’s letter

Hello. Welcome to our Fiction Issue! Lots of pictures of books and babes! What’s better

Dis is my best friend

Dis is my best friend

than that?? Nuthin’. Right now I’m listening to Patsy Cline and feeling nice. The issue is almost done and it’s like– 9:00. That ain’t never happened ta me before! What do I do with the 3 extree hours I got to kill??

Anyway, I hope y’all go to Bethlehem Vegfest this Saturday and enjoy what the DBA has put together again this year for ya, especially Christian Weber— the design KING of the festival. If you see him, give him a huge hug and tell him you love him. Because he is a wonderful human being.. And Jaime K for being so involved and the face of Vegfest!

Anyhoo, what’s been on my mind… hmmm… I lost my phone IN MY HOUSE which is a fate I wish on no one. It’s beyond frustrating. Also, I have a damn hard time dealing with the male humans I know. Someone tell me why so many of you have such a mean streak? Why do so many of you lash out and say incredibly rude things to people who are nice to you? If anyone can answer that for me satisfactorily, I’ll give you $100.

Summer is almost over- I hope you had a fun one. Me? I didn’t go to the beach, didn’t go camping, didn’t go to Farm Sanctuary, didn’t get on a plane or a boat… What I did was work and have backyard firepit parties. That was fun but still. Feel sorry for me.

I hope you enjoy this issue. And here is a funny tattoo to make you hopefully realize that reading is in fact, NOT for faggots, but for cool awesome people who may or my not be homosexual. Love and kisses, Alison

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