The Bookstore Speakeasy

Not the kind of bookstore where you buy books, silly..

By Chris Blahosky

Photos by Alison Leigh

There are tons of bars in the Lehigh Valley, but there is no bar around that has the style of The Bookstore. A little time travel spot only blocks from Lehigh’s Campus has a style of its own. Because of its black door with the name spray painted on it, it seems like a dive bar; but just like the title, do not judge this bookstore by its cover. The foyer area when you first walk in looks like a small bookstore, but as they pull the curtain back to seat you, you find yourself entering what looks like the roaring 20s during Prohibition.

Your friendly barkeep, Terrance

Your friendly barkeep, Terrance

This is a great place to meet old friends, get to know new ones, or even have a romantic evening with a special someone. The food here is amazing, but their drinks will keep you coming back. From fruity drinks to drinks made from absinthe and rums. If you’re feeling adventurous, just ask the bartender to surprise you with whatever types of flavors you like — trust me you will not be disappointed. When you leave there you’ll feel in good spirits and glad you went.

The Bookstore Speakeasy | 336 Adams St, Bethlehem Pa, 18015 | (610) 867-1100

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