Vegan Pizza at Sotto Santi!

Halleluiah Mother of GOD you can now purchase VEGAN PIZZA at our very own southside pizza shop, SOTTO SANTI! We no longer have to drive to Wegman’s, get a bag of Daiya from the deli case, bring it to the pizza counter and ask for a vegan pizza, (which is nice, don’t get me wrong) we can now ORDER it to be DELIVERED! Like normal people!!!

I ordered this lovely thing the other day and Anthony himself brought it directly to my door. I try to watch what I eat and lots of carbs are not my thing usually, so I can’t order it every damn day as I’d like to, but everyone should so he keeps making it! Daiya shredded mozzarella is SUCH an amazing invention and it feels so good to eat pizza made with it! You don’t feel all heavy and guilty and bloated because there’s is less fat in it. And it wasn’t made by torturing animals which is why I personally choose it. It’s win-win! And you may even get to have Anthony over your house if ya order it! And who doesn’t want that??

Sotto Santi

10 W 4th St

Bethlehem Pa

(484) 895-3111

Tell them WINK Pinup sent ya!

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