Welcome, Steel City Retro!


What’s up, Rockabilly Bargain Shoppers?

Thanks for taking a look-see at my brand new, retro-shopping style blog! Let me introduce myself to you a little, so we can make friends from the get-go:

My name is April. I’m in my twenties, and I’ve been a resident of the Lehigh Valley for the past two years. After leaving my hometown near Wilkes-Barre, PA, I traipsed through West Philly and West Chester for a few years before deciding to make Bethlehem my home. I’m a veterinary technician by trade, but photography, modeling, pinup art, and retro style are a few of my passions.

I’ve also always loved to write, and I’ve been a writer for almost as long as I can remember. I began journaling when I was 8 and kept it up throughout my freshman year of college. After that, I used MySpace and Facebook and took my journaling online. I never really had a problem expressing my innermost thoughts on such open forums.  My entries basically consisted of stream-of-thought writing like one would do in a traditional diary, with the subjects ranging from thoughts on dreams, theology, boys, and the like; however, the entries had been slacking off in the last year or two.

Before we go any further, you need another piece of key info: I’ve been a hobbyist model for about 8 years. When I say “hobbyist model,’ what I mean is this: I’ve never had any interest/delusions about getting into ‘real’ modeling. As far as taking up photography (which often goes hand-in-hand with those that model),I don’t have enough money to purchase a camera in order to be a ‘real’ photographer Moreover, I’m a mediocre drawer, and not a craftswoman, and thusly, hobbyist modeling is my form of artistic outlet.

Since I love pinup art, I had to fuse modeling and writing.  I spent time experimenting with pinup hair and makeup, then got a few style shoots under my belt. As luck would have it, I happened to stumble upon  WINK Pinup: the zine’s Editor did pinup shoots? Local businesses, residents, and entertainment were showcased? WINK sounded right up my alley! I contacted the Editor, Miss Alison Leigh, asking if she would consider an article submission for WINK. It would deal with where to find retro and pinup-style clothing and accessories on a budget (as so many of us are). Alison was receptive, and penning the article re-ignited my passion for writing (you can read it HERE)! Submitting the article to WINK left me hungry to write more, and I was continually finding amazing pieces that I wanted to share with people…

Which brings us to THIS blog, and its exciting future!

Alison and I got to spend time together all summer, mostly during photoshoots benefitting both ‘zines. When she found that my May article had staying power, continuing to garner hits months after its publication, she wanted to give readers more of what they were looking for…and what they’re looking for seem to line up with Our Mission. Alison extended the offer to merge our publications…and I loved the idea – so here we are! WINK, and now SCR!, will be published on First Friday of each month. Look for the Steel City Retro tab on WINK’s front page, and be sure to check out the Table of Contents to see what other goodies WINK has to offer.

We hope you love what we’ve got in store for you.

Your faithful Editor,


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