roxyCF_alison final.sm

Model: Roxy

Hair by Alison Leigh for ESKANDALO!

Makeup by Roxy

Wardrobe by Roxy

Photoshopping by Alison Leigh with mucho help from Marty Desilets and James Alex

“Que pasa. My name is Roxy. I like cats. And bats. And spiders. I drive a jeep. It’s black and rad. It has great big tires. I’m 26, born and raised in good ol’ Allentown. Engaged and planning an October wedding to my love. We have three cats, six tarantulas and a fish named Dinner. I share 90% of my meals with my TinyCat. Lettuce included. I am a vegetarian by choice, and gluten free. That’s not by choice. I’m not a model by any means, but I do shoots on very rare occasions for fun. (This shoot, with Alison, Fun.) I am, however, a makeup artist. I work for MAC Cosmetics and run my own business, appropriately named “Makeup By Roxy.” Totally original. So, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood for a new look or just need a good face beat down, you know where to find me. I travel. I’ve worked with good skin, bad skin, famous skin and local skin. From Bridal to Rockstars, my portfolio and recent work can be found happily living on the internet. www.facebook.com/makeupbyroxy

But seriously, I’m actually very literate and professional. I’m just a bit batty an fun.

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For the record, Roxy is one of my all-time favorite people to shoot!! Go on, girl!!  -Alison


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