February Editor’s Letter

So here’s a fun fact– WINK Pinup is now 1 YEAR under my belt and 3 years since its inception! Holy god I am doing things so consistently in my life it’s scary… I have lived in this house, in Bethlehem longer than I have lived anywhere in my life. Longer than 486958_4658790980590_1961162539_nanything that ever happened. I have a badass hair salon I have owned for over 6 years since its birth and 5 since it opened. I have never even had a job longer than 5 years. This is insane!!

So please enjoy this moment with me. I have been making zines for 100 years off and on but this- this online baby of mine– is the best thing I have ever done with this part of my being. I have always written, always loved reading papers and magazines and eventually zines, then blogs and articles online. I used to work on my high school paper and have written band reviews here and there. I love photography, I love pinup, I love empowering women (and men!) by helping them find a side of themselves they perhaps didn’t know existed. It’s provided me with so much.

This issue is my love letter to WINK and to all of our contributors and readers who support and love us back! WINK feels more like a sphere of energy that keeps growing and growing, taking in more people every day than it does a “website”.

Kisses, hearts, flowers, dinner, trip to costa rica, proposal, moonlit beach picnic- all for you!

1339962054marilynmonroeblowingakissgifanime-gif blow_kisses_by_ninja_jamal-d30dkdt blowakiss lohan blowakissspongebob blowkissrdj

Currently listening to the awesomest dance mix I made really quick before sitting down to do this. NOT the best idea because I keep switching back and forth from typing badly to breaking into snaps and claps and singin and sit-dancing on my bed when my fave parts come on. I love living alone in a house where I can sing super loud if I want– it’s the best!

It consists of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cut/Copy, Lady Gaga, Crystal Castles and the Faint. ALL OF THEIR SONGS ON RANDOM haha…yes this party might last all month..

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxforever!!! ❤ Alison Leigh


2 Responses to February Editor’s Letter

  1. Jodi Kale says:

    Congratulations on the success of Eskandalo! Without it and your super-talented staff, I wouldn’t be able to rock awesomely stylish and classy hair. Most importantly, congratulations on WINK Pinup!!!! It’s got everything, and you’re the genius behind, and in front, of it all. I wish you continued success on both ventures for MANY YEARS to come! Keep on celebrating, dancing and singing. It’s well-deserved.

  2. Terry says:

    I love Wink!! I can’t wait each month to read it! Your very inspiring…..I am originally from that area and I always feel at home when I read it. You hit topics that no one seems to want to talk about….which is good. We need people to push beyond and bring awareness. Gaslighting comes to mind as I type this. Never heard of it until the article in Wink, but because of you I know see what was happening in my own life. I also get empowered reading this to do what I LOVE in my own life and not worry about what others think. Society projects you have to look and act a certain way to be successful or smart……bullsh@t!
    Thanks again!!!

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