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-By April Piazza

Hair piece $12.99 from Ross

Hair piece $12.99 from Ross

If you’re reading this, I’m gonna assume there’s nothing about pinup culture that doesn’t make you drool. From the effortless-looking coifs to the fabulous props (shag carpeting, princess phones!) – and ESPECIALLY the demure, undeniably sexy clothing – the pinups of the 30s, 40s, and 50s were (and still are) the definition of cool, confident womanhood.

But let’s face it: getting the look RIGHT from any of these decades requires a certain amount of work, depending on how talented one is with hair and makeup, and it certainly requires (say it with me…) money. Again, if you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you’re not one of the 1%, and like me, you’re on a budget. So what’s a girl with an artist’s eye and love for Vargas supposed to do?

In a word: scrounge. And do it proudly! Sure, you could splurge on the $110 dresses found in spades on the ‘net and in specialty stores and get that instant gratification…but it IS possible to find great pin-up looks at affordable prices, providing you have a little patience. Think of it this way: scouring those racks only serves to perfect your Lana Turner eye. Check out a few pieces from my collection:

This 1950’s dress was bought for a cool $9.99 at the local Salvation Army. It is also THE place to find slips perfect for pinup photo shoots.

What Would Joan Wear? These dresses were found at Ross ($19.99) and Marshall’s (on clearance for $25.00), respectively.

Accessories can be a steal, too! The houndstooth shoes were found at TJ Maxx ($25.00).

The necklace is a Family Dollar find ($1), and the earrings, ring, and bracelet were a set from Forever 21 ($4.90).

Remember, these stores have new merchandise arriving weekly, if not daily. So if your first trip proves to be fruitless, don’t despair! Keep from going away empty-handed by keeping your eyes peeled for those accessories. SalVal, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshall’s will also have what you need to stock up with pinup underthings: stockings, high-waisted briefs, Grandma bras…but that’s an article for another day. ; )

Read the rest of her installments here! And stay tuned for a new one like, asap!


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