Revisit: Stuff we like! RANDALL

This is by far one of my favorite “STUFF we like”s. Please laugh and laugh with me…

Upon the hours and days and weeks we spend online and out in the world, we discover some pretty interesting things. And like Magellan and de Leon, here we bring you the riches we have since discovered, pillaged, stole, borrowed and paid for.. Let us begin–

RANDALL- a voice we can relate to

-Alison Leigh

And the honey badger don’t give a shit.

Almost 38 million views. What does this say about society? We crave the ability to not give a shit! We desperately wish we were able to take what we want, even if it kills- I don’t care! I’m like a honey badger! Even if a hornet’s nest is all over me, I don’t give a shit! We so wish we were that cool…

“Oh it’s got a cobra? Oh it runs backwards?”

Get the phone app!

“Ew it’s eating larva- that’s disgusting.”

“Thanks for the treats stupid!”

We all must really love Randall’s voice too- a quite comical exaggerated tone dripping in dry humor and valley girl level grossed outedness- we the people, love Randall, and should probably buy his book. Someone PLEASE get this for me!

Ohmygod see Randall interviewed here!

Oh the Internet…how we love you so…

What’s your favorite “S#!$ people say!” videos? For now, this one is winning in my book


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