Halloween Wrap-up!

All Hallow’s Eve is just about a week past, and even after two weekends of ghoulish gatherings, we here at SCR aren’t ready to let go just yet. You won’t find anything remotely related to Sandy here (and aren’t you ready for a goddamn break?) Welcome to Steel City Retro’s Halloween Wrap-Up!

From the 1944 film, “The Mummy’s Ghost.”

Since Steel City Retro began in May of this year, we’ve been bringing you goods, services, and stylish steals our Editor has found in the Lehigh Valley. In this issue, we wanted to try a bit of a different approach by introducing you to OTHER faces that enjoy the same, and bring their own unique twists into the mix!

Via our Facebook Page, we invited our readers to submit their best, scariest, and most affordable costumes or photoshoot sets in recent years that had been influenced by retro style, vintage, and horror…all wrapped up in one!

We were ecstatic to receive several submissions: from every-day betties to professionals! Here’s what some of our talented & inspiring local ladies have been up to:

The Photographer

Candi of CandyBPhotography works in and around the Lehigh Valley area, but she’s ready and willing to travel. She has experience doing family photography, engagement sessions, newborn photos, wedding photography, fashion and glamour photography, birthday parties, portraits, and much more!

Model: Nicci Marie

Candi says she loves retro & pinup style because, “It can be cute, quirky, silly, classy and sexy all in one!” She told SCR, “It helps bring me back to a simpler time when sexy and classy were one-and-the-same…when women were classy, not trashy! I also love that when pinup was started, it was sort of looked down upon and considered taboo, but now it’s become a symbol of class, sophistication, and classic beauty! It shows how much society has changed over the years and the fact that the pinup style has become so popular again shows how much we all long for the good old days.”

Model: Nicci Marie
Model: Katie Z
Model: LaTasha Marie

In Candi’s own words, regarding the images above:

“I like to create fun, creative, and unique images; that’s what I did with this Zombie Pinup shoot. I took something so unattractive, like [the undead], and merged it with something classy and fun, like pinups, to create a unique and intriguing image.” We think she succeeded, don’t you?

The Models

Tesia J, a model located outside of Allentown, has worked with one of SCR’s past contributors – the fabulous Lynn Montone of Untamed Photography. The pair recently worked together while shooting a pinups & hot rods 2013 calender. Tesia sites her love of the 1940’s and 50’s beginning with her sweet mama’s choices in home decor: “I decided to follow in her footsteps and fell in love with the world of the past!” She rightfully describes pinup modeling as “a craft,” and believes, “It truly lets present day women reintroduce a rich piece of fashion history. For me, it feels amazing wearing the same styles as the late great Lucille Ball and Yvonne de Carlo.”

The hot rod calendar isn’t the only publication you can find Tesia in, and you don’t have to wait until 2013! An avid writer and animal lover, Tesia wrote a book that is to be featured in The Cat’s Meow Magazine’s December issue. Her story is called “The Christmas Secret.” We could tell you more, but we think you should check it out for yourself!

Image by Untamed Photography
Hair and Makeup by Lynn Montone
Image by Untamed Photography
Hair and Makeup by Lynn Montone

Katie Z from Allentown began modeling about a year ago, “And I’ve been enjoying every minute of it since!” And how! She’s certainly started off with a bang, working with with both CandyB Photography and Untamed Photography (See her as one of CandyB’s featured zombie pinups above!), as well as many other freelance photographers from Philly to Slatington. In fact, Katie was the very first model to offer up her services to SCR in our early days, and we’re happy to finally see her strutting her stuff in our pages!

The 23-year-old tells us she was drawn to the “class and elegance” of pinup. Katie looks the part as she’s featured in retro-wear on Missy Prissy Designs’ business cards. Katie participates in many other types of shoots, from glamour to gore, and recently shot on location at Jason’s Woods. In this set, Lynn Montone played up her doll-like doe eyes & va-va-voom curves. Quite a bit sexier than Raggedy Ann, isn’t she?!

Image by Untamed Photography
Hair and Makeup by Lynn Montone
Image by Untamed Photography
Hair and Makeup by Lynn Montone

The Girl Friday

Amber, a nurse from Bethlehem, was the perfect embodiment of the betty that takes Halloween to the next level. A close and personal friend to Little Editor, Amber doesn’t just celebrate Halloween, but embraces it as a lifestyle! Her special love of Michael Meyers can be seen in artwork on display in her home…and we weren’t even aware a Friday the 13th complete boxed set had come out until we saw it on her shelf!

Each Halloween, Amber finds a way to intertwine things she loves 365 – like fun & funky musical artists and Rob Zombie movies – into the characters she morphs into. We picked two shots we loved…can you guess who she is before you read the captions??

Amber as Cannibal Ke$ha
Costume & Makeup by Amber

The ripped American flag top…the feathers in the hair…the tousled mane…the blood on her face. Could she be anyone else but pop’s wild child, Ke$ha, embracing her inner “Cannibal” (check out the single to see what we mean!).

Amber as Captain Spaulding
Makeup by Amber
Costume Custom-Made

Amber is pitch-perfect as the psychopathic proprietor of Captain Spaudling’s Museum of Monsters & Madmen, from the tiny hat to the grease-paint makeup. We especially admire her dedication to getting things JUST right – check out the dirty teeth!

SCR wants to extend a gigantic thanks to all of the ladies that chose to make the November issue happen by taking the time to send in their submissions. We’re constantly inspired by the ambition and creativity we see in local gals…SCR is ALL about the movers and shakers!…and we hope you are, too. Ladies and gentleman, this has been your Halloween Wrap-Up. See you in December!

Artwork by Justin Erickson
See more at www.Justin-Erickson.com

Article Resources

CandyB Photography Official Website

CandyB Photography on Facebook 

Email- CandyBPhotography@Hotmail.com
** All Zombie Pinup Make Up Done by Tanya Fetherolf of TanyaGraceful Designs **
To network with Tesia J, visit her Model Mayhem portfolio!
To network with Katie Z, visit her Model Mayhem portfolio!

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