Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Results (1 of 2)

Although it’s been something of a trend in the last few years, Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties have never looked as good as they did in 2012.

Via WINK Pinup’s Facebook site, and both SCR’s Facebook and, we asked readers to submit their best/worst threads they wore or were planning to wear to holiday parties. We received some great submissions for our first-ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, but alas, there can only be one winner!

There was:



While not actually wearing a sweater, we had to admire Greg’s (aka “Dumpster Santa’s”) prowess: the antiqued Santa hat, the 1970s patchwork vest, the pinup pajama bottoms, the chest hair…how could we NOT include him?!  Greg is the embodiment of childhood merriment mixed with memories of your intoxicated uncle from Christmas Eves past. As such, he was our First Runner Up.



Rob, expert Christmas party-thrower, doesn’t have a game plan when it comes to picking out a fantastic ugly sweater for his very own party: “I just found the [most ridiculous] -looking thing at Stein Mart [in Allentown] 2 years ago.” Ooh, a bold move, not even checking out the Salvation Army! Still, some very important Ugly Christmas Sweater elements are there: embroidery, gingham, lace, AND beadwork all on one gaily-colored sweater vest. For these reasons, Rob was our Second Runner Up.

And now, the WINNER of SCR’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest goes to:



Tom beat out the competition by wearing the gift that keeps on giving. Read the story of ‘The Gift Shop’ in our winner’s own words:

“For this year, my sweater – ‘The Gift Shop’ – was given to me by my mother. Someone from her work gave it to her, and when I saw it I knew it was the ugly sweater that I would wear for Christmas 2012. It features a number of teddy bears, as well as a sort of store front window. If I had to guess, I would say the sweater, just from looking at the faded tag and yellowing inner-yarn (wool?), was made sometime in the 70s or early 80s. I could see such a sweater being sold as a Hess’s or something, then worn by a cookie-baking grandma of yore. Overall, the sweater handled well, and I received a number of compliments. I actually wore it to a family party after our ugly sweater party, and I received numerous comments there, as well.”

There you have it, folks. Is it vintage? Check. Does it tell a story? Check. Was it a familial hand-me-down? Check.

And not only did Tom have the best sweater, but he delighted SCR by accessorizing with a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Moose Mug! The movie, which came out in 1989, has become something of a classic with our generation – perhaps because our dads loved it so much and played it (much to our mothers’ protests) when we were small.


That wraps it up! So long, Christmas 2012! Until next year…



Greg and our Editor strike a serious pose…What do you mean, she can’t enter the contest? Do you not see the glittery puff paint and the arm-warmers?!


A close-up of the Gift Shop: Tom with a lovely friend. Good thing she didn’t enter the contest – would you just look at that needlework?!


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