What We Love Right Now! Pt 2: Inspiring Local Photographers

When contemplating what exactly I should do for February – in my head, ‘The Valentine’s Issue” of WINK/SCR – I thought of a variety of things. The problem was, everything I considered heretofore seemed very “done.” And I don’t want that for you, readers. I want to give you something INTERESTING! So I thought, (and oh, here is it! The ‘L’ word!): “What do I…LOVE right now?” Thusly, the two-part installment of Steel City Retro for WINK Pinup, February 2013: What We Love Right Now. ūüôā

Located in Easton, PA, Dennis Gatz Photography is one of the secret treasures of the Lehigh Valley.

There, I said it.

I know, it’s a big statement. But when you’re THIS imaginative, THIS creative, and THIS good at what you do, the hype is justified. When you see Dennis’s images, can you look away?


Robert Wilson, aka Short-Circuit, photographed by Dennis Gatz.

I was lucky enough to meet and work with Dennis purely by chance – a mutual friend Liked his work on Facebook, and I had to immediately offer to model for him. Our shoot followed not long after, and I found him incredibly engaging, humorous, and above all, professional. I couldn’t believe a mind this other-worldly resided right in my backyard. When I began thinking about who should be included in the¬†What We Love Right Now¬†installments, there was no question: the photographer had to be Dennis. Dennis was kind enough to answer some question for SCR:

Angel Sage photographed by Dennis Gatz.

Angel Sage photographed by Dennis Gatz.

1. What prompted your move from Kenya?

I’d say I came to the country to satiate my curiosity and sense of adventure. I’ve found that [Easton’s] a great place with really awesome people. I’m loving it!

April Piazza photographed by Dennis Gatz.

April Piazza photographed by Dennis Gatz.

2. What inspires your art?

I get a great deal of inspiration from the people I meet. My weirdness connects with something weird inside them and I try to express that in my work, if that makes sense. Each new personality I encounter inspires me and gives me new ideas.

3. We’ve seen what you can do with models…what other services do you offer?

I’m also a freelance graphic designer. I’m currently working with a non-profit organization in New Jersey and some local bands. Fun stuff!

Guns & Roses Guitarist, Bumblefoot, photographed by Dennis Gatz.

Guns & Roses Guitarist, Bumblefoot, photographed by Dennis Gatz.

4. What’s next for Dennis Gatz Photography?

There are some pretty ambitious and difficult plans in the works for the next year so I’m housing a very positive brain with the quote “Per aspera ad astra” sewn onto each cell.

And there you have it! Leaves you wanting more, doesn’t it? Me too! Luckily for us, we can follow Dennis via Facebook and his personal website. For more images, prints for your place, and more, check out the¬†Dennis Gatz Photography Website. Note bene, Bethlehem: a star is in our midst.


Kia photographed by Dennis Gatz.

Article Resources and Notes:

Dennis Gatz Photography on Facebook

Hair and Makeup Credit to Alison Leigh for Eskandalo! in Images of April Piazza & Bumblefoot.


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